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LaMont Campbell

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LaMont Campbell was born in St. Louis, MO and has sought to mentor and motivate the underserved communities throughout the St. Louis metropolitan since 2005. He is the founder of Stl Empowerment Group Inc, which was formed to assist the disempowered by offering assistance from building empowerment through linking with Social Services organization that serves the particular needs of individuals and groups.

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Empowerment is recognized as giving someone power or authority. Dream is recognized as something hoped for. Empowerment Dreams is the hope of giving someone the power and authority to control and

Self Improvement> Affirmations l 2 years ago

As we travel through life, we realize there is one common theme in everyone's life. Change. It is one the keys to universal law. When we embrace change we leave our minds open to the many wondrous

Self Improvement> Affirmations l 2 years ago

The importance of believing in a higher power than ourselves should not be underestimated. We are all just the creation of the maker. Who we are, what we were meant to be was decided before we

Self Improvement> Affirmations l 2 years ago

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