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Alan D Taylor

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Alan Taylor enjoyed an international business career in consumer goods and retail. He has also developed or invested in a number of entrepreneurial ventures. He believes in Fitness in Body and Mind and writes a Blog on this on Google + on

After cycle racing at elite levels, including winning four races in Italy in the early 1980s, he still trains actively and is a regular contributor to

His roots are in the Thames Valley in England but he has spent extensive time in Japan, The Middle East, the USA and different parts of Europe. He takes a major interest in world economic and corporate development. He once ran Nintendo in the UK in the 1990s and has since retained a keen interest in the digital world and the leading edge of technology-led change. Currently he is consulting in Strategic Optimisation using Advanced Predictive Analytics.

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How and when to follow your instincts with absolute trust. Your probably have numerous examples of life experiences when you wish that you has followed your gut feel and acted faster. Professionally

Business > Entrepreneurialism l 2 years ago

How sure are you that your focus is in the right direction? How clear are you about the five-year end game? Do you have a strategic and tactical plan that is both flexible but incisive? How do you

Business > Entrepreneurialism l 2 years ago

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