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Sam Rozenfeld

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With over two decades of operational and management experience, Sam Rozenfeld, founder and CEO of DLS Internet Services has developed a sharp eye for how businesses struggling with inefficiencies and miscommunication can emerge to become streamline business operations through use of Unified Communications and Hosted VoIP technologies. As an entrepreneur who built his own successful service provider business, Sam has a knack for helping business owners determine how they can get more with less by refining their business strategy and processes by making use of Unified Communications.

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PBX services used to be confined to physical hardware companies stored inside their offices. Hell, lots of PBX phone systems still work this way, operating locally to provide their users with the

Communications> VOIP l 2 years ago

The disruptive nature of VoIP services had a disruptive effect on worldwide competition in professional services. Outsourcing a project overseas is no longer something that is done by a large

Communications> VOIP l 2 years ago

Most firms require an efficient business phone system to ensure their employee's ability to communicate with their clients in the best way possible. There are many different office phone system

Communications> Telephone Systems l 2 years ago

Can Speech Recognition and IVR Technologies Ever Replace Live Human Response? The automation possibilities offered by IVR and speech recognition technologies appear to answer many business owners'

Communications> Telephone Systems l 2 years ago

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