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Amie Haskett

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I am a proud single parent of two. I love my children to death and would give them all the oppotunities I never had.

I'm also a freelance writer and I enjoy writing about topics that can assist and inform other single parents around the world! Some of the topics I enjoy writing about include: financial help for single parents, government aid for single parents, and basic tips for single parents.

If you are looking for single parent support and help I suggest you visit my site,, there you'll find all sorts of information about single parent grants, financial assistance, daycare support, and tips and advice to help you face the tough task of being a single parent.

Hope you enjoy my articles!

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If you are feeling despondent because you think that you will never be able to study ever again, remember that this need no longer be the case. There are many college grants for single parents

Reference & Education> Financial Aid l 2 years ago

Raising a child as a single mother is not the easiest thing to do as life is fast paced and you do not have any time for yourself but you need not despair as there are simple things that you can do

Home & Family> Parenting l 2 years ago

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