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Scott D. Thorpe is an electrical engineer, MBA, and registered patent attorney. He regularly prosecutes successful software, electrical, medical device, energy, and health related patents. He has studied Chinese intellectual property law and commercial law at Ren Min University in Beijing, and speaks and reads Chinese. Prior to his legal career, Mr. Thorpe designed robots, launched the first PowerPC processor, introduced the first non-Intel processors into a major PC product line, and lead the Zip 250 development team. He has been part of two start-ups that had successful IPOs, and is the author of How to Think Like Einstein and Revolutionary Strategies of the Founding Fathers, and The Retirement Crisis.

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All inventions are based on fundamental abstract ideas and laws of nature. For a software invention to be patentable as a software patent, it must apply abstract ideas and natural laws rather than

Legal> Patents l 2 years ago

It is common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for the health. However, sitting too much can be deadly even for people who are very active, but still sit for long hours at work or home. A

Health & Fitness> Exercise l 2 years ago

The general availability of XXX top level domains makes it possible for cybersquatters to use the trademarks of other businesses for adult sites. There are several options for preventing and/or

Legal> Intellectual Property l 2 years ago

Although software inventions are patentable subject matter in the United States, some software innovations have been held to be unpatentable because they were too abstract. Software patent

Legal> Patents l 2 years ago

Software patent claims are often reduced in scope by somewhat similar software technologies that are distinct from the software invention. The judicious use of negative limitations can support an

Legal> Patents l 2 years ago

Often the right trademark for a product is already owned by someone else. Rather than settle for a less than ideal mark, one can buy the trademark rights to the perfect mark. However, it essential to

Legal> Trademarks l 2 years ago

Although homeopathic treatments are often associated with the use of traditional homeopathic medicines, novel new homeopathic medicines are patentable. Formulation variations and examples of

Legal> Patents l 2 years ago

If a competitor is granted an overly-broad patent for an idea that is important to your business, it can put you at a competitive disadvantage. Improving the rigor with which the competitor's patent

Legal> Patents l 2 years ago

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