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For over twenty years, Connie Hammer, social worker, parent educator, step-family counselor and parent coach, has been energetically guiding frustrated, lost and confused parents to achieve their parenting hopes and dreams with her amazing skills. Her clients consistently describe a metamorphosis from a place of doubt, guilt and chaos to a confident, guilt-free place of harmony. Her pledge to you is, "Invite me to become your parenting partner and I will transform your parenting world."

A later in life career mom of two stated, "Connie was my SOS. She was that Supportive Objective Someone I could lean on and learn from. She saved me from drowning in a sea of confusion, doubt and self-pity. When I grabbed her life ring I no longer floundered like a fish out of water. She helped me get my bearings, find calmer waters and become a confident long distance parent." - Kim Benton

Years ago as a young wife and mother of three sons, Connie would seek out objective and supportive individuals to assist her with her parenting challenges, now parents are seeking her out. Her passion for helping children with special needs led her to focus on working with parents of children recently diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Connie founded her coaching business, The Progressive Parent, LLC in 2005 and acquired her Parent Coach Certification™ from The Parent Coaching Institute of Bellevue, Washington, the nation's only Parent Coach Certification™ in affiliation with Seattle Pacific University's prestigious, graduate-level Continuing Education Program. Prior to this she spent seventeen years working as a school social worker counseling children and supporting parents. Her unique personal journey led her to experience life as a divorced, single, working and step parent which allows her to understand parenting from various perspectives.

Now running her coaching business from home, she supports and guides parents, in person or by phone, from all over the english speaking world to achieve harmony in their home, work and family life. Due to extensive training she acquired in child abuse prevention, conflict resolution and mediation she is experienced at guiding parents to raise victimless children that are resilient to all forms of child abuse and bullying.

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