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Stephen L Ganis

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I have been solving legal problems and counseling business owners, corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, and startup clients in Connecticut and New York for more than 25 years in buying and selling businesses, contracts, business finance, and business formation. I am client oriented, and offer cost-effective services to "fee fatigued" clients. I provide legal services derived from my deep experience in fulfilling legal responsibilities as well as advising clients on risk management, and I do not compete with the various do it yourself legal forms now available to the public, so my firm is not for everyone. I learned how to structure corporate transactions while associated with 2 major New York City law firms. I have also served as in-house general counsel at an investment management firm. Since founding my own law firm in 1992, I have served as "outside general counsel" to a growing company which could not afford full-time in-house counsel, and also provided "outsourced general counsel" services to a General Counsel of a nationwide manufacturing company, who sought a "blend" of using me as local counsel to work on specific matters, while retaining ts large law firm in Manhattan. I also offer "lawyer2lawyer" of counsel services to StartUp lawyers nationwide. My initial career was in journalism, which has helped me in my law practice, both in terms of avoiding "legalese" and also meeting deadlines. My law office phone number is 203-977-2465.

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Intellectual Property assets are not just held by high-technology companies. All companies have intellectual property, and protecting this property can transform ideas into revenue-generating assets,

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An entrepreneur or business owner who elects to find commercial space to lease will find themselves confronted with a commercial lease. Tenants are usually focused (rightfully so) on issues of rent,

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Terms of payment of commissions needs to be defined in Sales Representative Agreements. Too often, there is confusion regarding whether a salesman who submits a purchase order and leaves the company

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When a company is in its early stage, the founders will often look to friends and family for initial funding. The angels can be the key source for the early stage, and are often active in the first

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If your company has entered into a strategic partnership with another entity, or if you are an owner of a business entity, what you want to make sure of is that you can avoid court-ordered

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