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Once you file a patent application, you can claim that you have a patent pending on your invention. You will generally get a filing receipt with a serial number for your patent application. One

Legal> Patents l 2 years ago

You've filed your patent application. Now, you have a patent pending. Do you just wait until you hear from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)?

Legal> Patents l 2 years ago

  Here are more ways patents can be invalid: 1. Patent Misuse Patent misuse occurs when the patent holder engages in an illegal conduct that makes it inequitable to allow the him/her to enforce

Legal> Patents l 2 years ago

In the US, patents are presumed to be valid. However, the presumption is rebuttable and is usually challenged during patent infringement litigation. The validity of patents can be attacked in various

Legal> Patents l 2 years ago

The patenting process involves many, many deadlines.  If you miss just one of these deadlines, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will deem your application abandoned and will

Legal> Patents l 3 years ago

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