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Nancy Drew, founder of Drew & Associates, is a real-world expert on dynamic sales with a passion for sharing her unique, proven methods for igniting business sales and success. Nancy's custom training programs, seminars and coaching help entrepreneurs around the globe grab hold of their business's full potential by giving them the tools for successful business setup as well as creating money and revenue generation.

Drew & Associates has been helping business leaders and organizations around the world, ranging from North American Fortune 500 companies to European entities such as Interpol, since 2004. Nancy's background includes years as a leading sales trainer and manager at the top of several multi-national companies, often being referred to as "The One" when she was brought in to help businesses turn their sales and marketing departments around.

The popular training style of Drew & Associates is energetic, fun and highly interactive from the start. Much of Nancy's resonance lies in the fact that no matter whether she is training large groups or focusing on one-on-one VIP coaching, everything comes straight from her heart.

With one division of Drew & Associates located in Canada and headquarters in Southern California, Nancy is able to spread the message and share the tools worldwide as she stays true to her personal quest to always help others find their brilliance.

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