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Born in Brooklyn, New York, Karen Haney moved to Daytona Beach, Florida as a child. It was those first years in Florida in which Karen became a lover of books. Her weekly visits to the nearby library were very special to an 8 year old. In high school, Karen got her first taste for writing as she wrote a weekly column about her high school for the local newspaper and spent her summers working as a "copy kid".

Always knowing she wanted to be a teacher, Karen graduated high school with honors and went on to attend Florida State University where she earned her BS Degree and after teaching a few years, received her MS Degree from Nova University. Teaching school from grades 1-9 with concentration in Reading and Mathematics, Karen retired in June of 2009 after 37 years.

Karen is married for 38 years to Neil, who she describes as "the most patient man" and they have one son, Mark. Mark and wife, Laura, live in Dallas, Texas, where he is Vice-President of his company. Karen describes herself as "blessed" to have Mark and Laura in her life, and in April of 2010, added to those blessings with first grandchild.

Growing up as a second generation Greek, Karen's heritage is very important to her. Her parents instilled in her the importance of learning and her mother gave Karen her love of reading. Two of her prized possessions are her mother's original copies of Karen's two favorite books, GONE WITH THE WIND and A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN.

Currently, Karen is living out her dream to read books and write by reviewing books for several publishers and launched her own book blog in which she posts reviews, author interviews, giveaways, and other self-written articles of interest about books. Karen is currently also working as an expert contributor to a soon to be published book dealing with conversations with books and how authors can better present their work to fans.

Beside reading and writing, Karen is a sports fan of her FSU Seminole football team and the Dallas Cowboys. She likes to travel and Las Vegas is one of her favorite places to be!

Karen's goals for the future are to someday complete her own first novel and have it published. It has been a work in progress for the past 5 years.

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