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Eileen Strong is a multi-award winning speaker and trainer. She speaks on "Handling C.H.A.N.G.E.S. successfully in your professional and personal life. She also is a recognized trainer and business coach teaching people confident to compelling speaking skills. Thru her techniques you will release your fear of public speaking, and create a presence that generates results whenever you speak.

Eileen is the author of "Who Stole My Confidence? - 7 Rock Solid Steps to Take Yours Back!" Several articles have been written to young adults showing them powerful and positive steps that allow you to reclaim your confidence and continue having it grow to the level you seek and maintain from college thru career.

As an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Kean University in New Jersey, she teaches students the facts and strategies that will allow them to enter into the world of Business with recognized strengths in Sales Promotion, Advertising and Marketing for a diverse amount of product lines. She has received a national rating of over 99% by college students, ranking her higher than the average rating of 92%!

As a professional speaker, she creates campaigns that specifically address the strengths and weaknesses of the attending audience. She does her homework and knows the objectives of what that company is seeking at their meetings.

As a recent attendee said, "Eileen Strong delivers with a message that proves she understands our field of managing emotions and pressures in the work force. She also spoke on "Communication Complications" and nailed it! She is absolutely the best speaker we have ever had! Dominion Transfer Corporation

Strong Incentives delivers "Powerful Results!"

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