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Sabine Green

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Sabine Green is an acupuncturist practicing in the Middlesbrough area (UK). She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

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Spring is a time of change and rebirth. See how you can make the most our of this season with our 5 tips for Spring.

Articles Categories> Health & Fitness l 2 years ago

Symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes and night sweats can be a real issue for some women. Acupuncture can help eliminating these symptoms and give their life back to women without resorting to

Health & Fitness> Acupuncture l 2 years ago

Back pain is the leading cause of disability and long term back pain also leads to depression and a shorter life expectancy. It is stopping people getting back to work or doing what they enjoy.

Health & Fitness> Acupuncture l 2 years ago

Arthritis can be very debilitating and will prevent people from getting on with their daily life. In most cases, painkillers are the only answer provided by western medicine. Acupuncture offers an

Health & Fitness> Acupuncture l 2 years ago

Depression is a very debilitating illness and taking drugs, whilst sometimes the right and the best thing to do, isn't always the appropriate answer. Acupuncture is another option to support people

Health & Fitness> Acupuncture l 2 years ago

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