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Jim Oldfield

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My name is Jim Oldfield and I am a runner. But that wasn't always the case. You see, I am also a cancer survivor (over 20 years now) and was not always a healthy person. In fact there was a time in my life when I knew I couldn't run. I felt I didn't have the legs, the lungs or the heart to be able to run. However, being diagnosed with cancer and going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments helped me realize that I needed to care for myself and take responsibility for my health.

And so the year I turned 40, I learned to run. This gave me a sense of accomplishment I never expected. Several times I had tried to learn to run on my own but always wound up giving up after a couple of tries. Then with proper training, I was able to learn to run and finished a 5 km race a few weeks after my 40th birthday. In the process of learning to run, I also lost 25 pounds! I was elated with this victory and carried on to finish a marathon (26.2 miles or 42.2 km) about a year later. I learned that with proper training, running is easy, fun and very healthy.

I also discovered that my success in running translated into success in other areas of my life. I have a fabulous relationship with the woman of my dreams, I have had a successful career and am now financially free!

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