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Kat Manigold

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Kate Manigold - Toronto area extensionist and animal rights advocate specializes in beauty without cruelty. Her love of animals lead Kate to look for a way to provide her customers with fashion's latest trend, hair feathers, while remaining animal friendly. From her love of fashion and animals Picasso© Hair Feathers was born. Because of the increasing awareness of the brutality involved in collecting rooster feathers, Kate's line of hair feathers have been featured on prominent hair and beauty blogs throughout North America. Without harming animals, Picasso© Hair Feathers offers users a multitude of color combinations along with easy application and simple maintenance. For tips on styling Picasso© Hair Feathers visit our website!

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Feather hair extensions may be a cool and affordable way to accessorize your hair, but are they worth the life of thousands of roosters that are killed for their exotic plumage? Wearing feathers of

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