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Michele S Christensen

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I teach solopreneur business owners to use their unique brilliance to better the world and earn a living. I take away the overwhelm and overwork and create a business model that is sustainable and satisfying.

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This is an interesting question. I was participating in a forum discussion on this topic and the answers were varied - marketing, time management, technical skills related to what you sell, sales and

Business > Solo Professionals l 2 years ago

Most solopreneurs I've worked with start small and bend the rules to establish themselves.  It's common to start by giving away some free services in exchange for testimonials or referrals and offer

Business > Solo Professionals l 2 years ago

As a solopreneur, you ARE your business and this is the case even if you use outsourced help. When people hire your company, they are placing much more emphasis on the part of your business that is

Business > Solo Professionals l 2 years ago

Business in general has gotten a bad reputation in the US. Headlines are filled with bad or socially irresponsible actions taken by businesses, and usually the culprit is a big company.

Business > Solo Professionals l 2 years ago

I had several conversations this week with solopreneurs about confidence.  It's one of the biggest things standing in our way to building the business of our dreams.

Business > Solo Professionals l 2 years ago

It's no secret that I'm a huge Google fan. Google is so much more than Gmail and search - they have loads of useful free tools and I'm finding new ones all the time.

Business > Productivity l 2 years ago

Picking a niche can feel scary for solopreneurs, but it's almost a necessity to build a successful business. Instead of thinking of all the options you are cutting off, consider how much more you

Business > Solo Professionals l 2 years ago

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