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Tara L. Campbell

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Writer, artist, researcher and student of the ancient mysteries. Finding the path of the Goddess has brought me to my way in life. All of my inspiration comes from Her mysteries, and the cultures in which She was worshiped. I'm currently working on becoming an independent scholar in the field of Neolithic and ancient cultures, mostly as they pertain to the Goddess. As well as working to be come an author to teach other women of Her mysteries, because all women need the power of the Goddess. I hope you enjoy my writings!

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The famous Venus figurines are widely known in the Goddess and Archeological communities. The great debate over whether or not these figurines of women were looked at as a Mother Goddess, or

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Freya, daughter to Njordr and wife to Od, is the Norse Goddess of love, fertility and beauty. She was a very sacred Goddess to the Norse, right alongside Odin. She is depicted with long golden hair,

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