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Stewart Haynes

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Long time hobbies include boats and camping. Have spent the last few years earning my living online. Currently have a new book out. My 'making a living online' has always been a bit tenuous but some time ago I discovered that self publishing pays every month. The new book is a guide to take away the mystique of self publishing your own e-book, be it a 'how to' or just a jolly good romp. It is available on Amazon. If you choose to take a look, do a Google search for :- 'self publish and make money with ebooks' Mine is the one with the spaceman on the cover! It is vastly better than Amazon's own guide.

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If you've ever thought how can I 'make money with Kindle', it's actually never been easier. Whether you publish as an original author or as an editor that publishes others' works, are you aware, that

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If you've chosen to publish a book on Kindle you've already made a very wise decision. The chances of a new author getting a contract with a traditional publisher are all but zero. For many decades

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