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Suzanne Styles grew up in England she moved to South Africa when she was 15 years old. Circumstances at the time meant that she was unable to complete a formal education. Suzanne married young, had three children and found herself a single parent at 26 years old. Suzanne worked full time and held down part time jobs selling Tupperware, jewellery, pots and pans to make ends meet and she even became a proficient chocolate maker and baker for parties and functions. Suzanne stumbled into the advertising industry and became the first female Director of an Out of Home Advertising Company in South Africa. In 2002 she co-founded Airport Media a highly successful media company that was recently sold to a listed media company in South Africa

An entrepreneur at heart Suzanne has owned or run an eclectic portfolio of business for over 25 years. This experience together with being a single parent for over 20 years gives her insight into and a level of understanding of the emotional, physical and material wants, needs, and challenges faced by the modern family and business.

Suzanne is a certified Thinking Into Results Facilitator, Master Coach in the fields of Life, Business and Relationship Coaching. She is a NLP Practioner and Hypnotherapist. Suzanne married Chris Styles in 2010 and they made a commitment to each other to combine our skills and experience to form a coaching business together. Their company Makes You think brought brought Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher to South Africa for their first visit in November 2011

Suzanne is passionate about coaching across all disciplines with a focus on relationships in the work place, familial and romantic. Working with individuals and companies Suzanne helps people to change their paradigms through the coaching process and seeing them move past their conditioned limitations to success and the measurable results. The sense of achievement and work satisfaction Suzanne receives knowing that I facilitate people and companies to achieve the results they want, reaffirms that Thinking Into Results will change everyone's world.

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