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Jason Vandijk

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Jason vanDijk has more than 10 experiences in the beauty and health industry. He loves writing about massage therapy and alternative health methods such as neck pain relief with neck traction, chronic pain management with TDP Lamp and more.

Besides work, Jason practice different meditative exercises such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Qi Gong.

Jason loves doing research about new wellness products and alternative medicine to enhance the natural healing process of the human body.

Jason is interested in chronic pain relief methods without using drugs. He is currently researching different pain relief methods without the need to take drug addictive pills. His findings about chronic neck pain relief with cervical traction and chronic back pain with infrared therapy will be published at EzineArticles.

Due to the modern society, neck and back pain has become a major issue. Many people are now sitting behind the computer. The combination of stress and poor posture in the long term is creating chronic neck and back pain.

Jason provides different tips to prevent back and neck pain. He will be writing articles about different chronic pain relief prevention methods.

He will be writing about infrared therapy for pain relief such as infrared heating pad and heating lamps.

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