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Stephen Craine

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Stephen Craine is a successful working sales manager and trainer for a major international company.

He has combined 20 years of sales and sales management experience, with a wide range of training and coaching disciplines.

Imagine having sales or career help that includes NLP, performance coaching, motivation training, and a track record of success that has given others a massive advantage over their competition.

You now have access on his website to:

Sales training that includes NLP, peak performance, motivation coaching, and sales experience.

Sales training developed in real sales practice not just classroom role play.

Sales training with a special focus on small business and self employed people.

Stephen's philosophy is; You are going to work for up to 40 years. You will spend around 40 hours a week earning a living. You can sit around complaining and blaming others. You can get carried along and have an average career and lifestyle.

Or, you can invest in yourself. Get the most return on your working time. Enjoy the lifestyle you want. And see the difference coaching, training, and motivation can offer you.

Working in sales Stephen saw very expensive sales training presented to his sales teams with no long term effect on their results.

He set out to test sales training in real sales situations. By testing and adapting he developed a range of coaching and training skills that achieved results and proved successful long term.

To learn more about his unique viewpoint on selling and career development, take a browse around the website. There are sales skills, selling tips, job interview help, and stacks of free information for you to adapt for your needs.

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