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Lori Abela is a dating and relationship expert and love coach. She is originally from Manila and has found her match in her 40's. She lived in New York and New Jersey before settling in Chicago. She has met a lot of men both in her homeland and in the United States. Even with an Asian background, she embraced the Western culture including some dating practices in finding true love.

In 1997, she attended PSI Advance in Manila and since then the law of Attraction has become very relevant in her life. After taking the course, her long time intention to move to the United States became a reality and within 6 months, she was on a plane to the Big Apple. Even when she was in New York, where resources are abundant, she was able to open herself up to spirituality. However, it was moving to Chicago where she was able to experience tremendous changes in her life where she has come to appreciate a multitude of manifestations.

Through happenstance, Domingo, her Match, showed up in her life at a time when she was not even looking for love. He was there when Lori was supposed to meet up for drinks with their mutual friend. Theirs is a story that speaks of how the law of attraction for love works. Because of her good fortune, Lori vowed to help people like her to find true love.

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