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The founder of Developmental Disabilities Issues is Ira E. Jacobs, D.P.A. Dr. Jacobs has been in the field of Developmental Disabilities for over 50 years, and in that time has held a wide variety of positions. He began his career as a physical therapist in the cerebral palsy department of a major rehabilitation hospital.Over the ensuing years he has worked his way through the field in a broad gamut of key positions. Some of these positions:Chief of the rehabilitation department in a large nursing home. Director of a large Vocational Rehabilitation Program and sheltered workshop. Associate Executive Director COO) of one of the largest habilitation agencies in the world. Executive Director/CEO of a large multi- programmed habilitation agency. Administrative and programmatic surveyor for CARF, the accrediting agency for rehabilitation agencies.Consultant to provider agencies in the field of developmental disabilities for over thirty years.

Dr. Jacobs is past president of the:

New York State Association of Rehabilitation Facilities The Society of Modern Psychoanalysts United Cerebral Palsy Association of Putnam County West Side Tennis Club - FOREST HILLS, NY


Dr. Jacobs is President and CEO of Jacobs Associates, a health care consulting firm, specializing in systems such as Program Evaluation, Performance Improvement, and Strategic Planning.


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