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V K Rajagopalan

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V K Rajagopalan is a relationship enthusiast and has been researching marriage-saving techniques that really succeed. A few of the reasons a marriage or a dating relationship sees a crack or a break up would be because of infidelity / cheating by a spouse, having rushed into a relationship before understanding each other and several other reasons.

Rajagopalan is also a strong advocate and believer in natural healthy living. He and his family members use natural supplements for both better health as well as for controlling different ailments like Diabetes, Cholesterol, blood pressure, joint inflammation and other male and female specific ailments like pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause and for prostate health.

Again, as a result of his concept of healthy living, Rajagopalan and his family have always believed in using water which is filtered hygienically and using the latest natural methods of filtration.

Also, from time to time, Rajagopalan will tend to engage in a hobby of his. That of expressing his opinion on a few products and services that he may have used or form his opinion based on usage by others.

Rajagopalan is a software programmer and a systems analyst by profession. So, you will also see him writing a lot on computers, software, data security and generally, anything about IT.

Rajagopalan is in his early 50s and shares his vast knowledge and experience with his readers with the intention to educate them. He also sincerely hopes that many people benefit from his knowledge sharing.

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