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David M Lawrence

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I have 40 years professional experience in journalism. news writing, business management, business consulting, marketing and sales. I have also developed 15 websites. Writing has been a major part of each area.

I majored in journalism in school. I maintained a 3.795 GPA even though I never went to high school. While I was in school, I worked as a newspaper reporter.

After I graduated, I ended up working in management for three major companies.

I spent 40 years in sales and management.

During the last 20 years, I have done small business consulting. I now specialize in online sales and marketing consulting.

I have played poker almost daily for 17 years. And I have consistently earned money playing poker over the long run.

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Propaganda is used to manipulate the people into actually voting for politicians who are in direct opposition the their interest. We the people don't even realize when we are being taken advantage of

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You must keep credibility in mind at every step of your marketing process. Without it you will have limited success or no chance of success at all. This article is a how to build necessary

Business > Consulting l 2 years ago

There are a number of companies that claim they can get your site listed in Google within 24 hours. They can get your site listed. Getting listed is easy. Getting found by prospective customers is

Business > Consulting l 2 years ago

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