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Humbler Acts grew up in St. Louis, MO where he's always lived--but for five years abroad-- where he was a student at Eastbourne College and then at Oxford...He lived in Italy for a brief spell after that.

Returning home, he went into the family steel business. After some years, he bought and ran his own steel company-- which lasted for thirty years.

Now he's devoting his time and will to helping folks stop smoking. This career-- which he's long yearned to have--satisfies a dream he had ("out of the blue")-- some twenty years ago--which stated: "Do work to keep folks from smoking."

Now that he's able to--he hopes to offer folks a unique way to stop smoking.

Humbler's been married for forty-eight years and has two grown sons. He's a vegan, makes keeping dreams a key part of acquiring knowledge, loves walking and enjoys Hebrew.

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Welcome to the Silent Tobacco Holocaust. That may sound a bit sarcastic, but I am far from that in my new awareness of just what we have going on in this wide world of ours.

Health & Fitness> Quit Smoking l 2 years ago

Recently I heard a bunch of young folks saying they were going to laugh so hard they would become a tree. Have you ever heard that? I never had; and so I asked one of the group near me: what in the

Health & Fitness> Quit Smoking l 2 years ago

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