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Heather Krasovec

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I love all things related to food! I have worked in the retail food industry, the restaurant industry and as a personal chef. I am now focused on food as it relates to health. I believe food should be prepared at home from scratch whenever possible. No one can achieve good health on a diet of mass-produced pre-packaged, processed foods. It is my goal to teach people how to eat well and to prepare food for maximum nutrition with minimal effort.

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Most people have had carrot cake and this gives them expectations when eating it. This once healthy dessert is now loaded with sugar and white flour. It is then smothered in a sugary icing further

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

Long ago Chestnut trees were plentiful in North America. They actually made up about a quarter of the native forest when European colonists came to these lands. Chestnuts were abundant, delicious and

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

Brussel sprout are not loved by many people. I know many who refuse to even try these healthy vegetables because of past experiences. Here is a recipe that is sure to win over any Brussel sprout

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

These stuffed peppers are a departure from traditional stuffed peppers in a few ways. First, I use vitamin C rich red peppers rather than the standard green bell or poblano peppers. Second, the

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

I try to make everything a little healthier. I love good, old-fashioned biscuits with dinner, but I know anything loaded with refined white flour will never be a healthy option. I experimented with

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

I recently tried out the Ducane Affinity 4100 Propane Gas Grill for one month. I did this so that I could write a detailed review to help anyone thinking about buying this Ducane gas grill. My

Articles Categories> Shopping Product Reviews l 2 years ago

This is my favorite appetizer recipe for the gas grill, without a doubt. It is also the one that friends and family ask for the most often. I have always loved traditional, deep-fried jalapeno

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

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