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J Delms

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According to my best friend and better-half, I'm on the computer too much. I'm a retired technician/scientist who has published technical articles under the mentoring support of my employer.

I've been 'handy' and mechanical most of my life. I've taken numerous college courses (300-hr), photography and technical courses, and several leadership and teamwork-training courses. I've also completed lengthy Bible studies and accredited writing courses.

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We modified the unguarded feeding ports on a well-made gravity-fed older hummingbird feeder by inserting straw-like drinking tubes into them. It worked. The birds use it easily without insect

Reference & Education> Nature l 2 years ago

American cities are becoming bicycle friendly. In addition to their increased street lanes for bicyclists, they are installing commuter parking stations, and are developing numerous off-road

Recreation & Sports> Cycling l 2 years ago

Emilia's appetizer soups are the tastiest in the Brownsville region. Their Mexican menu is now aided with English subtitles. But an eenie-meenie-miny-moe selection will turn out great for non-Spanish

Food and Drink> Restaurant Reviews l 2 years ago

Popular in the Texas Rio Grande Valley, these pies might seem similar the rhubarb or gooseberry pies to their first-time imbibers. However, their flavor and texture are fairly unique, and their

Food and Drink> Recipes l 2 years ago

Informally, Gonzales Burgers is well-advertised by the Winter-Texans in the River Grande Valley. These full-1/2-lb, home-ground, hand-packed burgers are laid onto six-inch toasted buns with gobs of

Food and Drink> Restaurant Reviews l 2 years ago

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