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Rahman Mehraby

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Rahman Mehraby is specialized on two fields: 1) Online Marketing, and 2) Travel Business. He has been working in these fields for years and now he's focused on combining these two in one website: - an Online marketing platform for travel and hospitality businesses.

He has put together several methods of online marketing with a vision to create powerful online presence for the members of this website: SEO, copywriting, press release marketing, word-of-mouth, social media bookmarking, social media marketing, social media networking, reviewing, rating, blogging, etc.

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Hotel customer satisfaction surveys often offer creative opportunities to the hoteliers to craft influential hotel press releases for their online PR campaigns. Hotels need to uncover the hidden

Business > Press Releases l 2 years ago

Running a hotel business today is significantly different from the way it was possible a decade ago. The growth in the global tourism potential and the awareness of the tourist consumers have made it

Business > Press Releases l 2 years ago

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