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Julie F. Callicutt

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Ms. Callicutt's career in early childhood began in 2003, when she began teaching children with disabilities. As her clientele grew, so did her reputation as a communications specialist for children on the Autism Spectrum. She teaches continuing education, speaks at conferences, provides coaching to families, and intensive rehabilitation therapy to children, ages birth to 7. She is actively involved in North Carolina for several associations and organizations as an advocate, resource and provider of therapeutic services.

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Do gluten and dairy free foods play a role in autistic behavior? Is each child's chemical makeup different, and if so, does it really matter what we feed our children as long as it is packed with

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Evaluating children via standard testing can be a difficult task. Special needs children who have ADD/ADHD, an undiagnosed learning disability, and/or intellectual disability, short attention span or

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