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Lane Anderson

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Career specialty teaching and consulting in cost and management accounting. Coauthor of two university level textbooks and author of Cost Accounting for Government Contracts. Throughout the career, I realized the importance of continuing self-improvement.

A forced early retirement highlighted the health and fitness issues of people 50 and older. I turned my interests and research expertise to helping people lose weight and establishing a lifestyle full of energy and enthusiasm.

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Regular exercise is especially important for a diabetic. Exercise helps control the amount of sugar in the blood and increases levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. It also burns excess calories and fat

Health & Fitness> Diabetes l 2 years ago

Are you carrying more debt than you want? Has your credit rating dropped below an acceptable level? How can you pay off the debt and remain afloat? The seven steps were implemented by a couple with

Finance > Debt Management l 2 years ago

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