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Dave Dinkel

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Dave Dinkel graduated from the University of Florida in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. He initially worked for a petrochemical research and development company but later he entered the financial arena as a stock and commodity broker with Merrill Lynch.

His first investment in real estate was in 1975 when he bought a single family home for ,000 that he rehabbed and which later became worth 5,000. This property got him started on an unimaginable journey that ultimately led to his sharing his wealth of knowledge with other investors and the public.

He sold all his real estate investments in late 2006 because of what he believed was a pending collapse of the industry which began in early 2007. In early 2008 he became a partner in a local real estate investment club and restarted his mentoring program which has been one of the most successful programs in the country.

His 36+ years in real estate investing have given him a unique perspective into how the real estate industry and real estate investors function. His status as a national platform speaker, contributor to local real estate clubs, mentor and consultant to literally thousands of real estate investors, have earned him a unique reputation for sincerity and his "no nonsense" approach to making money in real estate investing.

He has received the following degrees or professional designations: BSChE, FINOP, CFP, MSRP, RSP, RR, ROP, SROP, MSP, SMSP, MGA, GA, Certified Estate Planner, Licensed Mortgage Broker, and Licensed Insurance Agent and Managing General Agent. His colleagues often refer to him as the "Ultimate Teacher" for his dedication to helping others learn about the trials, tribulations, and joys of real estate investing.

He has contributed extensively to the real estate investment community through hundreds of published articles and weekly insights, e-books, white sheets, seminars, and special reports. He has developed numerous specialty educational materials for investors, homeowners, and Realtors®, helping their earnings skyrocket using his time-tested, invaluable tips and techniques.

He has developed what is believed to be the most powerful and successful real estate investor mentoring program in the nation. His focus is educating the public in real estate investing in a manner that doesn't amount to having to pay for a college degree. His motto is, "You won't know how much I know until you see how much I share."

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