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In a direct reflection of the financial market's currently unsteady nature, the wholesale energy markets tumbled to a four-month low at the end of May. The bearish market was thanks to the continuing

News & Society> Energy l 2 years ago

Rumours are circulating that the government is to review its much-lauded 'Green Deal', after warnings that it could "waste" between 2-3 billion GBP. Not true say the government, with the DECC swiftly

News & Society> Energy l 2 years ago

Every morning, millions of Britons across the UK switch on their kettles to make a cup of tea. They expect that as soon as that switch is flicked on, the electricity will flow, water will boil and

Business > Retail l 2 years ago

Electricity retail software has seen a dramatic rise in its level of sophistication over the past decade. This constant evolution has been largely customer-driven; smarter consumers want to know

Business > Retail l 2 years ago

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