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Barry Lizmore is a financial planner, working in Melbourne, Australia and part-time as a lecturer in financial planning for Deakin University.

Originally from Canada, Barry's education in Canada includes a BA (Economics) from the University of Toronto and graduate studies in Business from the University of Western Ontario and Urban Land Economics at the University of British Columbia. The high point of his academic life was consecutive summers in French immersion courses at the University of Nice and the University of Montreal.

Since arriving in Australia some thirty years ago Barry first worked in commercial real estate. His early career was in property management, mainly in the Melbourne CDB, with some work in market research. During this time Barry completed the Graduate Diploma in Property from RMIT and held a Victorian Real Estate License for a number of years.

Barry commenced in the financial services industry about 15 years ago and has held the CFP designation since 2003. He has worked in a range of financial planning groups including small dealer groups, large dealer groups, a bank (as a risk insurance adviser), accountants and a stock broker. This has given Barry experience in the full range of financial products, processes and strategies, including SMSF, risk insurance, family trusts and direct shares.

Barry has had articles on financial planning published in The Age, Herald Sun and The Australian newspapers, HR Monthly and other local and overseas journals as well as talk back radio in Melbourne and the national ABC network.

Barry has recently written a book, "Take Control of Your Money" which explains the financial planning process and answers questions such as:

What is financial planning? What can a financial planner do for me and how much can I do for myself? What questions should I ask a financial planner? How much should advice cost me and how do I know if I am getting good advice? How can I determine my lifestyle and financial goals? How can I reduce risk?

Barry's educational web site includes information on his book.

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