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Doing something with passion has always played an important part of my life. Published by a major magazine at 18, Top International Model at 19, actress with many T.V. commercials and series parts at 25, Mother and top real estate agent at 36...and now that my kids are grown, it's time for a chief aim. Something that gives back, something that has meaning. I thought for a long time about what it would be and decided that the world could use an attitude of gratitude. Thank Your World is now born. It's like another child. It was seven months in the making. It's been given a lot of love on a regular basis, I want to show it off to as many people as possible and I want it to grow up to be something that people enjoy and love. I'll be writing about something I'm grateful for each week. My hope is that you will enjoy the read and maybe even comment with what you're grateful for as well. I've incorporated samples of thankyou letters, thank you flowers, gift baskets and gourmet gifts, chatrooms that you can share with your friends, places to go for business and personal gratitude journaling with your favorite photos along with other features on the site. I'm hoping you, whether you're young or old, find it a welcome stop on a busy day, but most of all I hope that it plants a thought to take a moment to "thank" someone. I'm hoping you can see the joy in another person's eyes when they know they are appreciated. I hope you share this journey with me as you "thank your world", Heather

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A friend of mine and his wife just came back from a Caribbean trip in a tropical paradise. He was gone for over a week at one of those expensive inclusive resorts.

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