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Since hitting the TV big time in 1994 and 1996 appearing on 4 episodes of the TV show "The Extraordinary" which aired in 22 countries around the world (This show is currently airing on the Discovery Channel) Julie Lewin is a highly sought after international medical intuitive, author and intuitive health consultant.

For over 27 years Julie has dedicated her life to sharing her gift for finding and removing the root cause of people's disease, pain and discomfort through her intuitive healing work.

She is an 11 year cancer survivor but her surgery resulted in damage to 95% of her vocal chords and she lost her voice for a year. Using the metaphysical healing techniques she now shares with others, Julie was able to heal her damaged vocal chord and learned to speak again.

The key to Julie's unique medical intuitive success is her Metaphysical Body LanguageTM system which reveals what is really going on in the body and how people are able to dissolve and resolve their energy blockages and pain quickly and with transformative results.

Results of Julie's healing include:

• A Masters Games baseballer from Canada tore his hamstring in a game of baseball and his leg went purple from the knee up and he had to hop from the field as he couldn't put any pressure on the leg. After ½ hour of hands on work with Julie he was doing knee lunges, walking normally and went back to complete the baseball games in the World Masters Games

• A patient who declined chemotherapy while in intensive care sat up, had tubes removed, and started eating for the first time in weeks only two hours after Julie's healing. Her Doctors confirmed she was cancer-free just weeks later

Julie designed and developed the Before & After Surgery Toolbox which contains 10 healing meditations and an eBook for preparing and recovering from surgery.

This product reduces • surgery anxiety • the length of time in hospital • and blood loss during surgery

It also helps control pain, and improves recovery time by 50%.

All proceeds of the sale of this product are donated to the UQCCR (University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research) - and more specifically the ovarian cancer research project.

In her spare time ... Julie really enjoys being a computer geek building her own websites, editing videos, and watching her organic veggies grow outside her office window.

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