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John Fortuna

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John Fortuna began giving card readings at the age of 6 using the famous Gypsy Witch Tarot deck he found in his home.

Paranormal experiences were common occurrences and he came to accept that the other world is closer to us than we ever imagined.

A few years later he suffered an accident in which he was unconscious for a matter of minutes. During that time a woman in white appeared to him and said:

"Now that you know the cannot ever live your life the same again..."

John specializes in bringing that truth to you.

John's unique perspective is enhanced not only by his spiritual beliefs, but with professional experience as a family counselor, a natural health practitioner, and an artist.

Through the choices we make with our free will, we set in motion a pattern of events. It is up to you to follow that path through to the end or make a change and break the cycle. If you are ready to hear the truth about your path, book your reading with John Fortuna now.

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There are no regulatory boards or formal education of psychics. This is an overview of this important issue.

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