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Bob Willems, the son of a Police Lieutenant, took up photography as a youth. Developing his own pictures and using his father's 8mm movie camera to film small drama's of neighborhood events, the camera became a tool of expression for Bob.

Bob attended night classes and wound up with an Associates Art degree in film. And a filmmaking became a passion. He began learning his craft by working on such films as "The "Turning Point" and in 1978 and 1979 he was an assistant Director for a series of General Motors Commercials. Bob moved to Houston in 1980, when his wife developed Cancer, to be nearer her parents. Bob opened up a Film and video production studio in Houston, with a partner in 1981, South Coast Video which began in a garage and eventually under Bob's leadership wound up becoming a 6000 sq foot facility specializing in industrial and corporate video. South Coast is still in operation today. In 1987, Bob got an opportunity to travel the world to make Music Videos for a number of artists. He sold his interest in South Coast Video Bob went off on his own and filmed the likes of "The Who", "Kings X", "Scorpians" and a host of others. He also worked freelance assignments for the major networks ABC, CBS and NBC.

In 1991, a group of investors approached him to direct and produce a motion picture, called Twisted Fear which was Claude Akins last movie and was seen by worldwide audiences. Bob was Producer Director for the television series "American Bounty Hunter" for Paramount Television and UPN. In 1993 he formed Champion Entertainment Inc. to produce a children's series "So You Want To Be for the Discovery Channel and the program is still running today. Bob's then directed, Grim Weekend, which was picked up by Artisan and re-issued under the acronym S.I.C.K. It has received Love It or Hate It reviews, but has continues to have an underground following. After partnering up with distributors at the recent American Film Markets ( AFM) Bob placed 14 films into distribution, everyone he represented at the market.

Bob's unique ability to help films get made and his desire to widen his company into new and emerging markets is a strategy that will help Champion Entertainment Inc. become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment arenas.

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