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Keith E Rowe

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In a distinguished career spanning half a century, Keith Rowe has negotiated the full journey from shop floor to boardroom. Along the way, he has headed the Australian sales and marketing operations for three of the world's largest Consumer Electronics manufacturers - Toshiba, Sanyo and Sharp, where he was also a corporate director.

More recently, he has lived on the domestic retail side, having founded the Leading Edge Academy to bring a skills development agenda to the 1500 or so stores within Australasia's largest independent retail consortium - Leading Edge Group.

Keith is not only a very successful business manager. He is an accomplished speaker and trainer, and is the author of two books on interpersonal skills - the KNACK of Selling, published as a paperback in 2010, and the KNACK of Negotiating, published as an eBook, and in large-print format, in 2011.

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In today's world of commercial negotiating, there is no escaping the harsh reality that those who take the time to know more about the other party's business will have the upper hand. No longer can

Business > Negotiation l 2 years ago

A common pitfall in selling is to career down the sales path with a particular prospect, unaware that there may be somebody else involved in making the final decision. Often dismissed as nothing more

Business > Sales l 2 years ago

Selling is a very rewarding occupation, particularly when we 'pull off the big one'. We are so proud of our achievement that we want to shout it from the rooftops, break out the champagne, celebrate

Business > Sales l 2 years ago

Most people don't want to be told what they already know, or what they don't want to know, least of all sales prospects. Yet so often we greet our customers with a barrage of statements... our whole

Business > Sales l 2 years ago

Some time ago, I was working with a supplier in the consumer electronics industry. Our mission was to develop some 'train-the-trainer' material to allow their field sales representatives to take a

Business > Sales l 2 years ago

I'm always searching for real case studies and anecdotes to use in my sales training sessions, and a particularly relevant one just happened to bob up during a casual conversation with some friends

Business > Sales l 2 years ago

Emotional intelligence is always an engaging topic in my sales training sessions as the participants revel in the quest for a better understanding of traits like behavioural style, and other subtle

Business > Sales l 2 years ago

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