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Howard Dion

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Howard Dion founded Matrix Consulting Group, LLC, in 2001, and spent the last decade collaborating with senior management, professional salespeople, and with both Seller Doers and Doer Sellers to improve their sales effectiveness. Howard has a broad range of vertical market experience in consumer, industrial, information technology, and professional services; and has worked as a one-on-on sales coach with clients in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. Prior to Matrix Consulting Group, LLC, Howard owned two other businesses, sold sales training for a global sales training company, sold technical training in the IT sector, and served as vice president of sales for a financial services firm.

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Are you a sales manager who spends most of your time with your hunter business developers and little or no time with your farmer account managers? Are you a salesperson who wears both hats, the

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Look at sales performance statistics as a positive rather than a negative. In every professional sports activity, performance is gauged by the player's stats. In fact, every player and their coaches,

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The Opening Premise What happens when a seller and a buyer are out of alignment from a sales process perspective? I submit this notion for your consideration. There is conflict, which makes sales

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