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As a youth, Jaesen grew up fishing the inland rivers, bayous and the coastal waterways and delta of Louisiana. Over the years, he fished wherever and whenever the opportunity presented, from Rhode Island to California, Texas to Montana, and overseas to include Australia, Mexico, Japan, and even Iraq! He's had experience with the best (and not so best) rods that work for the species of fish that he pursued over the years. Jaesen never had aspirations of starting a custom rod building business, but a dream to transfer his rod-building talent and passion to fellow anglers who held similar resolve and aspirations for a fishing rod they could call their own, for a fishing rod that performed to their expectations, for a fishing rod that made fishing what it should be ... just plain ol' fun. Jaesen serves as the CEO and owner of Cajun Custom Rods and is a certified custom fishing rod builder.

We view every one of our customers as special and dedicate however much time is required to make them feel just that ... needed, satisfied, and over time, we have developed many excellent friendships that continue to this day. Whether through our "point to point" communication with our customers or how we back our Lifetime Warranty ... at Cajun Custom Rods, we know our customers work hard for their money and we want them to trust us with their next fishing rod build. So, we dedicate our loyalty to them and know that we only exist for one reason: to loyally serve our customers by providing the very best custom fishing rods possible.

Times are hard and folks are working twice as hard for less money ... so when it comes to spending a hard-earned dollar and folks having discretionary income to spend on a fishing rod ... we're here to make it worth their while and provide those folks with the piece of mind and confidence to trust their gear and know that Cajun Custom Rods is still here ... building one performance fishing rod at a time. One of my favorite movie lines/quotes is spoken in the movie, "The Patriot" by Mel brooks to his two boys when ambushing the English in the woods, "Aim small, miss small." It applies to so much that we do here at Cajun Custom Rods and in our daily lives ... always striving to "get it right the first time."

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