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Sam Manfer

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Since 1995 Sam Manfer has been turning sales people into over-achievers. Sam is an expert sales person and he uses his personal experiences along with humor and stories to show sales people how to develop and leverage high-level relationships and how to implement his sales strategies, tactics and techniques.

His best selling book, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ along with his CD's and Advanced Sales Development workshops turns 30% closers into top 70% closers.

Sam has coached and trained thousands of experienced sales people and senior managers all over the world. His client list is a Who's Who of all types of businesses in various industries. He develops and delivers his own materials through his company Sales Mastery. Sam has also been a consultant, seminar leader, and sales rep for Miller Heiman, Wilson Learning and other sales/leadership-training companies.

Sam was born, raised and educated in Western New York and now resides in the city of Laguna Niguel in Southern California.

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To win sale after sale from the same customer, you must do more than good work. You must let buyers know what it took to make it good. You must associate yourself with the winning solution and prove

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