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Ann Shepherd

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Member since: Mar 02, 2012

A successful communications, event-planning and web development

consultant, Ann also dubs herself a "cautiously-optimistic tapper".

During the course of her professional and personal life, Ann has the

opportunity to work in and with many aspects of the self-improvement


She's been coached, read a library of books, attended seminars and

webinars, listened to podcasts, journalled, received therapy, enjoyed

many alternative healing methods, dabbled in MLM, created dreamboards,

watched Oprah, surfed to the center of the web and back - everything to find a better self, a better Ann.

It all worked. For a while. Until it didn't.

Ann is an intelligent, logical and analytical woman. Frustratingly so at

times. Instinctively, she KNEW there was something missing...the "oomph" needed to

propel her across the threshold of understanding to actually achieving.

Something must exist to help her from falling short of her goals.

Then she found tapping.

EFT Tapping/Emotional Freedom Techniques is the leverage to

overcome personal and professional barriers like nothing else she has encountered.

Coming from the place of an average woman, balancing her career, family and personal discovery, Ann Shepherd is sharing her experiences and learnings of how to free your emotions to live your best life.

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The mind and body are intertwined in a complex system with the potential for harm as well as healing. Thoughts, feelings and actions manifest in physical symptoms such as headaches, a racing heart,

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