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Kirsten De Bouter Shillam

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For 18 years I worked with individual clients from all walks of life as a trainer/coach to help them improve their quality of life. In addition I home trained celebrity clients, taught classes and went into corporate companies to deliver seminars and workshops on any quality of life improvement subject. It was inspiring to guide people to step outside the box in order to find a better and more fulfilling life. With every client it was reaffirmed that we have only one body, one mind and ultimately one life. Being instrumental in helping people change their outlook and consequently their results was a privilege.

Not long after I fell pregnant with my second baby and upon giving birth the father walked out on us. I soon went onto automatic pilot as a single mum, still preaching my healthy lifestyle message to clients. It is probably that purpose combined with the daily care for my sons that kept me going. I learned from the inside out in the face of adversity what it was like to maintain your physical, emotional and mental strength, keep your focus and how to not break under the weight that life places on you.

The end of the tunnel proves very bright when you persevere, although I was forced to leave a huge part of my life in the tunnel. If you want to move into a lighter future, you have to drop quite a lot of luggage. It is exciting and daunting to start again at 40, but rather than just teaching about living the life of your dreams, I believe it is much more compelling that I live it.

I just got married and my children have a wonderful step father. We have relocated to the coast where I am able to go for runs by the sea, complete my Psychology Degree, buy and cook fresh produce, run my business and take my sons crab fishing. For the first time in years I am finding time to do the very thing that I love and the love that I shared with my father: write. I published my first poetry book in the spring and the second book about health and wellbeing is due out end of 2011.

Health and happiness is in every way about where you are and who you are with. Nothing is impossible.

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