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Matthew Paul Armstrong

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Matthew Armstrong's quest began at age seven, when he started training in Martial Arts. He now holds an 8th dan black belt in Japanese Arts and a 2nd degree black sash in Chinese Arts.

At eighteen he joined the Royal Marines Commandos and completed a five year service in which he became a reconaissance leader, and received a commendation for courage under fire.

He has circumnavigated the globe many times over, devoting his time to studying with many of the worlds great wizards. Including Martial Arts Masters, Spiritual Masters, Taoist Healing Masters, Yoga Guru's, Olympic Trainers, Natural Health Experts and World Thought Leaders.

His driving force being to learn, grow and then contribute this integrated knowledge of what he has absorbed and who he has become in the process.

The message he brings is that of transformation, with his mission being to educate, inspire and ultimately transform the lives of those who are ready and willing to step up!

He is the founder and CEO of Be Your Potential, which offers coaching, training and speaking services.

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