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Stefanie Nielsen

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My name is Stefanie Nielsen. I live in rural Colorado with my husband and three beautiful children. Being a mother is the most important part of my life!

I love learning new things that help me become a better person. I also love working on my website, writing, and coaching. I love doing anything that can help and inspire others!

My mission in life is help others become empowered and live the life that they truly want and deserve. Be sure to visit my site if you'd like some assistance in overcoming binge or emotional eating. I've been there; and I would love to help you along your own journey.

I hope you enjoy my work... and many more articles to come.

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Binge eating, also sometimes referred to as compulsive overeating, is a coping mechanism that many people use to alleviate feelings of stress or unwanted emotions. It has many physical and emotional

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