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David Donahoo

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David's vision is to empowering you and your business to create mental, emotional and spiritual solutions to your problems. David does this by assisting children, teenagers and adults learn to release mental and emotional blockages by learning new ways of thinking. This helps create new behaviours that empowering you to be free of your past. David has been empowering people for over 10 years. Initially it was through intuition and guidance. Now it includes other therapeutic modalities of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). David is continually learning and expanding his knowledge to help you with methods and modalities which can assist and empower you. Through the use of these you are able to gain the outcomes you need and find happiness and freedom, mentally and emotionally. David empowers you through: • Therapy to resolve issues from the past, stopping you from moving forward • Coaching to become aware of what you want and how to get there • Teaching techniques that have been modeled from experts to help you to improve your abilities. It is through education, my experiences and my lessons such as overcoming claustrophobia using hypnosis that has taught me to release fears and doubts assist me to continually achieve what I want in life and gain happiness and freedom. Qualifications

• Advanced Hypnotic Techniques (July 2009) • Advance Past Life Regression Techniques (January 2009) • Master Practitioner in NLP; Master Eriksonian Hypnosis; Master Coaching (August 2005) • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (September 2004) • Certified Angel Intuitive (September 2003) • Graduate Diploma in Business Management (1994)

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