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Catrina Bengree

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My dream is to teach people that they don't have to diet to lose weight. Through Natural Eating you can love and trust yourself to make the right choices. Natural Eating is not what you eat, but how you eat. It is a process of eating. Therefore you can still enjoy all your favourite foods while achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. I discovered Natural Eating after experiencing 6 years of depression, a side effect of which was Bulimia. I used to binge uncontrollably and then exercise excessively to get rid of the food. I had weight and food issues for at least 20 years with my weight going up and down constantly. Since discovering Natural Eating I have been the same healthy weight for over 10 years. I have now written an e-book detailing my journey and sharing the principles and guidelines of Natural Eating. By combining it with Personal Development you can build your confidence and self belief in yourself that you can lose weight without dieting. I run seminars and coach individuals and groups of people in Natural Eating, providing encouragement and support and hope of a way to be free from dieting forever.

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The key is to learn to eat "naturally". This is a process of eating which simply enables you to listen to your own body so you can eat what your body wants and needs and stop when you are satisfied.

Health & Fitness> Eating Disorders l 2 years ago

Even though I was in a different situation where I wasn't in control of when and what I ate, I was still able to control how I ate it. This meant I was still able to eat naturally, be true to myself

Health & Fitness> Eating Disorders l 2 years ago

We shouldn't have to hide what we are eating. Food is just food. Sure some is unhealthy and not so good for us, but that doesn't mean we are hopeless human beings if we want to eat the unhealthy

Health & Fitness> Eating Disorders l 2 years ago

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