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John K Char

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I have researched and practiced Oriental and Traditional dentistry and medicine for 50 years.

I first started to imprint homeopathic and herbal codes into a 24 karat gold necklace. I was astonished when my patient, a champion body builder told me he was able to lift heavier weights without having sore muscles the following day. He even told the class that he was more relaxed and energetic when he wore the BioHarmonizer. Another patient, 76 years old who played competitive softball reported that he started to hit more homeruns and made the All Star team.

A nurse told me that her backache was greatly improved. 386 patients reported either their pain was greatly reduced or eliminated within a short period of time with the CET 1 + 9 program and the BioResonators. 93 people at a wine tasting party responded that the wine tasted smoother and more enriched when the BioResonator was placed under the glass. 12 patients reported that they slept better when the BioResonator was placed under their pillow. 249 patients reported that they saw a change in their posture when wearing the BioResonator.

Today, the BioResonators and BioHarmonizers are made of zinc and copper base. Special orders are taken for the 24 karat gold necklace.

After four years of research and development of the BioResonator and BioHarmonizer, I feel compelled to share my secrets on the latest BioEnergetic devices, pain-free technique, postural alignment and emotional stressor release techniques with you. I would like to coach you to be healthy and live a more resourceful life by endearing you with a philosophy of wellness and prosperity.

Stay tuned to my upcoming webinar where I will answer your questions on natural health and coach you on other secrets in natural healing.

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