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David Z Reynolds

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Member since: Mar 02, 2012

1999-2011 Financing Consultant with AM&S 2008-2011 Managing Director of AM&S 1997-1999 Client Manager, State Labour Hire Previously, Bank Officer, Westpac Bank Ltd [Australia]

Education: Bachelor of Theology, Melbourne College of Divinity Bungay Grammar School, UK

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In Brief: You're keen to know the Investor's terms for a loan. Why they can't give you specifics, only general guidelines for interest rates, time period and conditions or other 'terms'. It's all

Business > Venture Capital l 3 years ago

In brief: A 'draw-down schedule' is a necessary, vital piece of information in any development project. It is a MUST for any application for business finance. It brings together, tasks, costs, & time

Business > Venture Capital l 3 years ago

The uncomfortable reality is that it DOES cost money to raise large amounts of finance for business projects. There are many risks, so do some due diligence on the potential source of investment.

Business > Venture Capital l 3 years ago

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