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Edward Lathrop

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I realize it is unusual for a person to see himself as a an expert in computer repair, anxiety/panic disorder and the financial markets but actually, these are all fields I have had a lot of either professional or personal experience in.

I have always been interested in the financial markets and have found success as a real estate investor. I feel experience is by far, the best teacher in this field as so, I share my investing experiences in hopes I can save others a lot of trial and error as well as blood, sweat and tears.

Also, after many years of study, I became a series 3 commodities futures broker, passing the exam in 1990. By this time I have gained extensive knowledge of the credit/mortgage markets and have developed many Websites helping people understand and calculate their mortgage payments and potential investments.

My first training and line of work where I gained hands on experience was in the field of electronic and computer repair. Ever since high school I was interested in electronics and even did quite a bit of work in the field since my father owned a T.V. repair shop. In fact, I was a T.V. repair person for several years.

Somewhere in the interim my interest in the field of computer repair overtook my T.V. repair interest and so, I have developed into a real computer repair geek. I have become a Comp TIA A+ and Network + certified technician in 2006.

For many years in the midst of my pre-computer tech years, my life was greatly affected by anxiety disorder. I have suffered many panic attacks and now I would like to share this experience with others with the hope I will be able to help people who are now experiencing this terrible affliction. I know what anyone who is stricken with anxiety disorder is going through and I feel my life experience qualifies me to help these sufferers. In other words, I came out of it, anybody can. It is just a matter of knowing what to do.

I was born in Danbury Connecticut in, well, let's just say I remember the original Mouseketeers. I have developed many other Websites that are not about computer repair, finances or anxiety disorder. One of these sites makes calendars. Other Websites I have built talk about Oldies Music and I even have one that is all about beer.

The main reason I develop Websites or write articles is simply because I enjoy doing it.

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